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CLS-Special Events


Women's Club Member Dues

Faith Formation Registration (One-Time Payment)

Fall Fest-Kid's Cup (One-Time Payment)

Fall Fest-Wine Tervis (One-Time Payment)

Great Adventure

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Maintenance Fund (Parish Facilities)

Fall Fest-Beer Mugs (One-Time Payment)

Fall Fest-Sponsorship (One-Time Payment)

VBS Registration Fee (One-Time Payment)

VBS Scholarship (One-Time Payment)

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Offertory Catch-up

Use this gift option to process a one-time extra gift to make up for any gifts missed in previous months. To specify the collection(s) that this catch-up gift is for, please use the Notes box below.

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One Time Gift

Use the Notes box to indicate the specific collection or fund to which your One Time Gift should be applied.

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