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Offertory Catch-up

Use this gift option to process a one-time extra gift to make up for any gifts missed in previous months. To specify the collection(s) that this catch-up gift is for, please use the Notes box.

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One Time Gift

Use the Notes box to indicate the specific collection or fund to which your One Time Gift should be applied. For event payments, please visit the Event Registration Page.

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Catholic Communications

The essential mission of the CCC is to contribute to the process of evangelization by fostering activities in relation to television, radio, internet, and other media, and through special projects of the Catholic press.

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St. Vincent de Paul

Provides support to families within our parish boundaries who are experiencing difficulties within our social structures. The funds are used to rescue families who find themselves in an unexpected crisis situation and provide temporary financial assistance, education, and support to help them become self-sufficient.

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