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Religious Education- Tuition (One-Time Payment)

1 student = $125, 2 students = $200, 3 or more students = $250

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Religious Education-Sacramental Fee (One Time Payment)

$75.00 for children receiving First Eucharist in 2019, $125 for 8th graders receiving Confirmation in 2019 (includes Confirmation Retreat), $150 for high schoolers receiving Confirmation in 2019 (includes longer Confirmation retreat).

SRRE Scholarship Fund Donation

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Offertory Catch-up

Use this gift option to process a one-time extra gift to make up for any gifts missed in previous months. To specify the collection(s) that this catch-up gift is for, please use the Notes box.

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New Education Building Campaign

Photo by Nikodem Nijaki

Angel Fund Gift (one-time gift)

(for the new Education Building)

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Raise the Roof

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