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Diocesan Services Fund (DSF)

Food Pantry (One-Time)

The Food Pantry at Mary Queen serves the poor in our area (77546, 77581, 77511). Through generous donations we are able to provide groceries and minimal utility help for thousands of people a year.

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Missionaries of La Salette Mission Appeal (One Time Gift)

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MQ Sustainability Fund (One Time Gift)

Use this option to make a one-time gift to the MQ Sustainability Fund. The fund is used to ensure MQ operates with renewable energy, recycles waste properly and helps preserve the environment for current and future generations. Questions or suggestions can be e-mailed to"

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Parish Social Ministries (One-Time Gift)

We have approximately 20 Parish Social Ministries at Mary Queen. Through these ministries we are able to serve God’s people – the homebound, the poor, the imprisoned, the young mother, the homeless, and many more. Donations to this account will be used to support Parish Social Ministries other than the Food Pantry.

Relig. Ed CCE Registration Fee:(Non-Parishioner $85) One-Time*

*Per Student Rate: Regular Fee:5/31-8/15th=$85 for Non Parishioner Late Fee: After 8/15th=$150 for Non Parishioner *Please indicate the names and grades for each student enrolled. *FAMILY MAXIMUM 3x PER STUDENT RATE

Relig. Ed CCE Registration Fee:(Parishioner $55) One-Time*

*Per Student Rate: Regular Fee: 5/31-8/15th=$55 for Parishioners Late Fee: After 8/15th=$100 for Parishioners *Please indicate the names and grades for each student enrolled. *FAMILY MAXIMUM 3x PER STUDENT RATE

Archdiocesan Mission Appeal

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Offertory Catch-up

Use this gift option to process a one-time extra gift to make up for any gifts missed in previous months. To specify the collection(s) that this catch-up gift is for, please use the Notes box.

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One-Time Gift

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The Master's Plan (One-time Gift)

The Master's Plan Catch-up

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