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Confirmation Program and Retreat Registration

April 30

Welcome to our Confirmation Program. This online registration will allow you to register your child(ren) for our Confirmation Program and Retreat.

You may register for our Confirmation Program and/or for a Confirmation Retreat.

You will have the option to pay the $50 registration and $200 retreat fee online by credit/debit or submit a check payable to "Church of the Resurrection" for the fees. All credit/debit payments will be charged a 2% surcharge.

For each option select the number of children you are registering. You must enter their information for both the Program and Retreat Registration.

Confirmation Program/Retreat Registration
Church of the Resurrection & St. Pauls
Ellicott City, MD
Kenn deMoll

Shannon Turlik
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Select Registration

Confirmation Program Registration CREDIT CARD payment (+ 2% surcharge)
$ 51.00
Confirmation Retreat Fee CREDIT CARD payment (+ 2% surcharge)
$ 204.00
Confirmation Program Registration CHECK/CASH Payment ($50 payable to Church of the Resurrection)
Confirmation Retreat CHECK/CASH Payment ($200 payable to Church of the Resurrection)
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